Chef Series

A healthy GI system is essential to the health of the entire body, ranking up there with heart health and cancer prevention. It is thru the intestinal tract that we absorb nutrients into our body, eliminate waste and manufacture vitamin and enzymes. In order to live we must absorb these vital nutrients for growth, healing, and energy. If that doesn’t convince you, digestive disorder is uncomfortable, inconvenient and embarrassing at best and can cause excruciating pain, serious illness and death at worst.

The good news: Gi health can be achieved by the food we put into our bodies. Terri hull

Join us for this four part series led by Teri Hull, Healthy Chef and Holistic Health Coach as we delve into some common causes of digestive disorder and look at healthy habits and foods that restore and support GI Health.

Class Dates:

  • May 15: Glorious Greens
  • May 22: The Raw Food Revolution
  • May 29: Fermented Foods and Probiotics
  • June 5: Food Allergies

    Expect light cooking demonstrations and food sampling.
    All classes start at 6:30 pm and will be held in the Wellness Studio at Whole life Health Care.

    Fee: $15 per class, $50 for the series.

    For questions or to register please contact:
    Whole Life Health Care – 603.431.6677
    or Teri Hull – 503.753.4704

    The goal : Well- being, health and happiness. Because we believe that all humans have the capacity to heal.

    Teri Hull is a certified chef from Le Gordon Bleu and board certified holistic health coach from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Teri specializes in introducing healthy, delicious cuisine while guiding clients toward their ultimate health and well-being through the haling power of food. Before she moved to the Seacoast area in 2013 Teri owned and operated a persona chef business in Portland, OR and prior to that spent ten years working in brand marketing for both Adidas And Nike.

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